OUR 2020 BEAR HUNT:  June 1-June 8, 2020  

Fellow Hunters, We are now taking deposits on our 2020 Spring Bear Hunt. We really liked our new BIG BEAR hunting location at Peribonka Lodge in Northern Quebec with our 2019 100% success rate…all hunters took home great bears! The new lodge is quite a bit further north and remote, so requires a little more travel time, but with some rugged and beautiful country, as well as the better chance of taking 300 pound plus bears, our hunters were very happy. The Lodge is situated on a large lake with fantastic fishing for walleye, pike and smallmouth. Some of the streams in this area also have trout. We will have the whole lodge to ourselves and no previous hunters on our baits. The dates of the hunt will be June 1 through June 8, 2020. That is six full days of lodging, bear hunting and fishing. The cost this year will be 2800 dollars. This will cover everything including the hunt, stay at the lodge, all transportation while in camp to and from stands, three meals per day and all care of your trophy, including skinning and freezing of your trophy. The only other cost will be a Quebec bear tag (175) and if you like, a fishing license (25). The only negative thing about this hunt is we can only take 10 hunters and it’s already filling up. We’ll need a 700-dollar deposit to hold your spot. If you’d like more information just call Colby at 205-454-0623 or HICKS TAXIDERMY at 205-349-3015. If you’re ready to submit your deposit, we can do that over the phone with your credit card info. We hope you’re in for taking some BIG BEARS next spring!

Check out photos from the 2019 hunt at Peribonka:


Bucky Adams Outdoors operates 2 bear camps in the Lake St. Jean region of Central Quebec. This region of Canada is well known for 2 things – blueberries and black bears. Both camps combine excellent bear hunting and superb facilities with experienced guides to produce a top quality bear hunt. We have boasted a 100% shooting opportunity for several years now with an actual success rate over 95% and an average weight of 300 pounds on spring bears – unbelievable bear hunting anywhere.

Peribonka Lodge is located in a bear dense area of Quebec 450 miles northeast of Montreal and represents one of the last untouched hunting and fishing destinations in Eastern Canada. This comfortable camp boasts hardwood floors, private rooms and showers and a dining lounge with a spectacular view overlooking a secluded bay where bears are spotted along the shoreline almost every day. As the only bear outfitter in the area we have an unlimited amount of bear hunting territory. Currently, we are baiting over 10,000 square miles and have the exclusive rights to an additional 2500 square miles and continue to expand into untouched virgin bear country. There are always plenty of unwary trophy bears for any hunter. FOR DETAILED INFORMATION ON PERIBONKA LODGE, VISIT



Trace Greene

Cole McCool

Arash Arabi

Tanya Decker

Richard Hicks - That's a bear paw!

Austin Roach

Trace Greene

Cole & Cassidy McCool

Mike Howard

Arash Arabi

Colby Hamner

Cole McCool

Trace Greene

Arash Arabi

Cassidy McCool

Colby Hamner

Lake Simard

2014 Hunt

Danny Gilliland

Richard Hicks and David Kelley

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Colby Hamner

Howell Flatt & Bill Blair


2013 Hunt


Richard Hicks & Brandon Sanford

Terry Rodenberry

Brandon Sanford, Davey Spohr, Richard Hicks, and Hunter Shaw

Josh Sanford

Richard Hicks

Lauren Blough

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